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Arlington, MA Plumber’s Tip: Common Plumbing Clogs

Maintaining the drain lines in your Arlington, MA area home is one way to avoid common plumbing clogs. This includes regular drain cleanings and avoiding flushing or washing anything down your drains that could cause a clog. It helps to know what these common clogs are and how to prevent from from occurring.

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Toilet Clogs

Toilet clogs could be temporary or an indication that you may have a larger plumbing problem. While there could be a clog deeper in the drain line, you could have something caught near the base of the toilet. The only way to know is to call a plumber, since plunging it is only temporary. Toilets that are backing up often usually means there’s a larger issue. You don’t want to be left with a leaking sewer line at a joint where a clog is located.

Sink Clogs

Grease clogs are one of the most common kitchen sink clogs. Avoid putting grease or cooking oil down your drains or in your garbage disposal. Also avoid using conventional drain cleaners since they have chemicals that can hurt your pipes. Call for a professional drain cleaning service or use natural cleaning products.

Shower Drains

Hair, dirt, and soap scum can cause slow shower drains or clogs, so get a hair trap to avoid this. However, it is important to clean these out often so that the hair and other debris don’t cause slow drains or get backed up in the drain.

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